Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday's smiles Week 57 and a strange round yellow thing

Greetings one and all, my smile this week says it all. The sun has returned and the rain has gone or at least we've had much less of it this week.

It's not much of a garden to look at as we are not green fingered and the chooks rule the roost but just looky, the sun is out, the sky is blue and you can even see my peg bag waiting to be useful when i put some washing out in a minute (thought i'd spare you the image of my drying undergarments, Ooh err missus!)
What more reason do you need to make you smile today.
Have a great week 
Gill xx


  1. A rainbow accross the sky would have just finished the picture for me Gill but I do have to agree with you that a beautiful blue sky does make you smile :-) Hello Chook :-)
    Annie x

  2. Actually, I'm laughing at the lone rooster, looking all important, like he's going to help with your laundry. Gotta say, if you were at my place, that laundry would be frozen stiff on the line (grin).

  3. Yes - my washing is blowing on the line today - doesn't a bit of blue sky and sunshine make a big difference to us all. x Jo

  4. ANd.... look at all that greeeeen!!! We still have four foot snow piles....sigh..... it'll be late May or June before we see brown dead grass ... never mind anything green....

  5. Oh, I noticed the rooster. Doesn't he look like a proud one! Where's his hens??


  6. Hi Kay, they are just out of the shot, he has 2 ladies to look after and he does so very well, bless him


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