Friday, 14 February 2014

Friday's Smiles and a hint of spring

Well hello again from me. I do hope you are all doing okay and that this awful weather has not beaten you yet.  Fear not as i bring you pics which are bound to cheer you all up.

Yes, thats right, spring flowers! arent they lovely?
The daffys have actually been open for a few weeks now. We planted very early flowering ones so that we get some colour a.s.a.p in the garden.
I'm not a gardener and our piece of land is ruled by the chooks so its just as well but i do love my daffodils, they are my favourite flower and never fail to cheer me up. I hope they have done wonders for you too.
Have a sooper dooper week and im off to Annie's blog to get some more smiles, its very addictive all this grinning lark.

Gill xx


  1. Oh Gill those are just gorgeous. Real signs of spring.
    Annie x

  2. Yes, Gill. Any time I'm not looking at snow on the ground I'm smiling. And these beautiful daffodils are no exception. There's certainly hope for spring, now. Happy Smiling Friday and Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. Ooh, that's the first daff I've seen :)
    We have some crocus out and a couple of snowdrops out. They got a battering from the hail yesterday and one has flopped over! We have to plant them in the front garden so they don't get eaten by the naughty bunny!!

  4. I love to spot early treasures of Nature at this time of year and it gives us hope that Winter will soon be gone.
    Love Jo x

  5. Hi Gill,

    Oh, how I'd love to see hints of spring here! Although we really need moisture as we've been in a drought for decades now. I'm afraid we'll never catch up.

    Not being a flower expert, I'm wondering what the flowers are in the first and third photograph. Are those crocuses in the third photo? Thanks for sharing your little bit of spring with us. This is my first time joining in with Annie for Friday Smiles.


    1. Hi Kay, yes youre right about the crocuses and the first one is a snowdrop, not such a good photo of those, couldnt get close enough in case my ipad fell into the pond!
      I hope you'll join in next week too, its great fun
      Gill x

  6. Daffodils! They are my favourite, so bright and pretty after all this miserable weather. Thanks for the lovely spring flower smiles. Caro x (#8)

  7. Gorgeous flowers! Just what I needed to see on this wet and windy dull day! xx

  8. Beautiful all of them. I always got very excited when I saw the first snow drops were out. I had a wide range of daffs and narcissi, and always picked a mixed bunch for mum on Mother's day. It is not very suitable for them out here, but i do miss their cheerful nodding heads. Kate x


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