Friday, 18 April 2014

Carte de Visite - bootfair booty

Our usual Sunday bootfair had a special 'Good Friday' one today so i hauled myself out of my comfy pit in the wee small hours and we set off to rummage.  I wasnt sure i would go as we had a late night following a great evening watching our son perform in his band, but i'm so glad i did as i saw these

Victorian Carte de Visites 

The carte de visite (abbreviated CdV or CDV) was a type of small photograph which was patented in Paris, France by photographer André Adolphe Eugène Disdéri in 1854

Each photograph was the size of a visiting card, and such photograph cards became enormously popular and were traded among friends and visitors. 

Now i collect Edwardian postcards but had never known much about these before but now I am hooked. Some of them are from the same family and its fascinating to think of them going along to the photographers studio and having these taken. Some of them are 150 years old, how amazing is that.

I love this one especially, she has such a strong, confident, sweet face dont you think?

This is a bit more macabre. It says the name of the lady on the back & child and then underneath 'both dead' How sad.

Someone please keep me away from eBay or i fear my new passion will spiral out of control.

Gill  xx

Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday Smiles - week 64

Its hard to believe another week has gone by already and here we are again.  Its been a fairly quiet week here though I am amazed to discover that i havent yet killed off my begonia that i got for my birthday, in fact its romping away and producing so many gorgeous flowers

fingers crossed i may have inherited my mums green fingers at last.  Also yesterday i was astonished to discover a couple of things whilst doing some family history. I found out that two of my granddads brothers I had thought died early (one in WW1 and the other as a child in 1897) actually hadnt. How good is that.  It goes to show you have to be careful with facts before believing everything you find out. I will be hot on their trail again today. Its one of my main passions family history and never fails to make me feel better when i'm in research mode.
Finally just had to share this photo with you i came across on facebook the other day.

 How many do you remember scoffing as a kid and what was your favourite?

Mine was Treets or Golden Cup, Yum Yum Yum

have a great week

Gill xx

Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday Smiles - Week 63 and feeling blessed

Hello folks, its that time again when we all join up to share our happy moments with Annie.
Why dont you have a read and join in with us, its guaranteed to cheer you up no end.
My smiles this week come from having a wonderful Mothers Day last Sunday.  My darling son bought me these

I was really thrilled with my digital photo frame and have been busy putting loads of photos on it.
He also bought me breakfast out, wouldnt let me do any washing up all day and made a meal for me in the evening. I felt truly blessed.

And now just to prove how hip, cool and down with the kids I am i thought i'd take a 'selfie' of me and little Snowy having a cuddle yesterday.

He loves to climb up from my lap and snuggle under my chin or on my shoulder. You can see how big he has grown in just one week. He is still nervous but I hope i'm winning him round and will have him eating from my hand soon.

Okay, im off to have a smile at others now.  Have a great week everyone.

Gill xx

Friday, 28 March 2014

Friday Smiles - Week 62 with a new life

Well, well Friday again is it, so nice to see all you smilers out there making the place a happier one for us all.
My week began with a huge smile on Monday when i went out to feed the guinea pigs and discovered this little darling

Yes, Cookie gave birth a week earlier than i had anticipated. She just had the one baby again. a pure pink eyed white with the cutest pink ears too.
Being original, hubby has called it Snowy.

It is a sweet thing albeit as nervous as most guinea pigs seem to be but when i handle it does like to climb under my chin and snuggle. 

This has also made me smile this week

The lovely cherry blossom tree right out front of the house. Its in full bloom now so any gust of wind and it will look like its been snowing.

Well thats me for this week, i'll be along to visit others soon and see whats made them smile.

Gill xx

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Hello there, I hope i find you all well, healthy and with a desk full of goodies for me to snoop at.

I've cleaned my desk especially for your visits this week, those pesky moggies of ours love to wander all over it with mucky paws and shed hairs so i thought i'd make an effort.

This week i'm going through some of my Edwardian postcard collection. I'm not an avid collector but if i see them at bootfairs or on certain online auction sites at the right price I may buy the odd one. 

One of my favourite things to do is to buy several cards which have been sent by or to the same family. Then the genealogist rushes to the surface and off i go researching them and trying to piece together who everyone is.

I have four separate families at the moment and more coming in the post. Its great fun and i love sharing the research later on here.

This is my latest purchase and its all the more special as its a 'real photo' postcard that folk used to have done by a visiting photographer and made into postcards to send to loved ones. I just love the young lads outfit.

This is another favourite and it has an amusing message on the back too

"Dear Aunt Kate,
Which of these young gentleman would you like to go for a stroll with down the lane on a moonlight night."

Sounds risque for 1907 eh?

I'll shut up now and head off to have a look at some of your desks. I hope they are tidy.

Gill xxx

Friday, 21 March 2014

Friday's Smile - Week 61 with a Spring in my step

Good morning to you all and a huge thanks to Annie for rising from her sick bed to host yet another Friday Smiles for us.  Love that sofa Annie, i want one.

Things that have made me smile this week? well let me see

We had our first BBQ of the year last Friday evening. 

What? i hear you cry

In March?

Well its al my sons fault, he loves BBQs and has been pestering for one since the rain finally stopped  and as it was such a lovely few days of weather we fired up the Bar B and threw some of his speciality marinaded lamb skewers on there with some sausages

We all sit round the BBQ and listen to music and cook yummy food. 

Oh, and pull silly faces when i was trying to photograph them. 

It was such nice weather that the chooks were able to enjoy a dust bath again in stead of a mud one.

Do you think they are all having a cosy chat?

Finally i'll leave you with some funnies i found the other day to celebrate Wednesday being the first day of Spring.

Have a great week, and dont forget to post anyting thats made you smile this week.

Gill xx

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

More photos from my DSLR

Tom resting his weary paws

Jack in action mode on the fence
Meg posing as usual

a misty morning the other day

my lovely son who patiently posed for me

Put this one into Photoshop Elements and tweaked it a bit
effects added via Photohop Elements